May 31, 2007

Upcoming this Season

RollerBlading With People You've Vaguely Heard Of
America's Next Top Ignition Specialist
Celebrity Afterbirths
Survivor: East St Louis
America's Funniest Home Grow-Ops
Law and Order: Endless Pleas
What You Want (the Reality Series in Which People Get What They Need)
Who Do You Think You Are? America's Funniest Amnesiacs
Slander and Innuendo ("Who cares about all the news that's fit to air?" say this show's award-winning producers. "It's all the other stuff viewers want to see. Rank. Putrid. We know which side of our bread the sewage is on!")
Ballroom Dancing with Death Row Killers
America's Next Top Billionaire
Euthanasia for Profit ("Who do YOU know that's worth more dead than alive?")
What Are The Odds? (You'd Be Surprised)

C 2005 Martin Heavisides

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