May 31, 2007

Driver Safety Spot

A driver and passenger in a souped-up candy red sports car see a little girl crossing at the intersection ahead. The driver guns the accelerator.

Driver: Let's throw a little scare into her eh?
Passenger: Are you crazy?
Driver: What do you think, I don't know how to drive? Stop this baby on a dime. Anyway she'll scamper.

From their perspective (only the upper half of her body visible) she looks up.
Close up of her face from the eyes up. She seems frozen like a deer in the headlights.
Foot shifts from accelerator to brake.

Passenger: Brake already brake!
Driver I'm trying I'm trying! what a dumb kid.

The car wheels shriek. The car slows but obviously won't stop in time. Seen from Driver/Passenger pov, the car begins to raise up on its grille.
The girl is holding the car up at an angle.
Now she has it hoisted in the air above her and begins to spin it.
Street level pov. Oohs and aahs from passersby.

Cab Driver: That girl belongs in the Olympics!

View from ten storeys overhead. The car seems to be spinning of its own volition until she gently sets it down.
Couple standing on tenth floor balcony.

Woman: What do you suppose they're feeding that child?

The girl triumphantly brushes her hands together.
"Dizzy" icons float above the heads of

Passenger: That was intense!
Driver: All things considered, that could have turned out much worse.
Passenger: Not such a dumb kid I'd say. I'm not driving with you again unless I drive.
Driver: Ah come on, everyone's entitled to one mistake. (A tiny hand knocks on his window.) Ok already ok I've learned my lesson.

C 2007 Martin Heavisides

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