May 19, 2007

Isabella Valancy Crawford Park

There it is in all its virtual nonexistence, just behind Front St., between the CN Tower and Skydome. A grassy slope six feet wide--her nameplate is nearly half that width itself--bisected by a zigzag staircase of cement.

This was a lady with a passionate love for the wide open spaces of our vast land--a poem of her's describes a canoe trip through the deep wild as implicitly orgasmic. Would she have felt signally honoured by this? a park half the size of the grassy slope growing down from a highway overpass? I have my doubts.

I live near High Park--that could use a name more befitting. I know, if the name is changed it'll be to Rogers, Labatt, Seagram Park or some such--maybe even Conrad Black Acres, to show properly that all is forgiven. But seriously, do any of these resonate as woud Isabella Valancy Park. They could simply swap the two names around. Maybe we should try and get up a referendum.

C 2007 Martin Heavisides

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