May 18, 2007

la vie en route

unfortunately the eggs were overcooked
life goes on

delivery to a financial consultant named groskopf
this is just a guess, but back in the mists
of teutonic time when this surname first arose
it probably was not intended to flatter
should be a giggle to page in though
but no, it's signed by her assistant, bago

the sky isn't falling just yet, but the financial district
towers are> investigators are trying to determine
why a fifty foot slab of marble fell
onto king street from first canadian place
fifty feet of marble! that could do some damage
cordons>yellow tape> just like this winter
fourteen police cruisers> thought it was excessive
'til i read we were talking tons of ice
cracking and loosening around the concrete foreskin
of cn tower> that could seriously mess up
an automobile, let alone a pedestrian
and think of the waste
never get all that ice into cocktail glasses before it melted

overnight from metcalfe street in ottawa
to an office at yonge and eg
you want to know how closely some of these businesses
stay in touch? i ask at another office on the 2nd floor
i'm told the company i'm delivering to has moved
to ottawa >two doors down on metcalfe street?
i would not be surprised
out of my territory anyway
a metropass won't get you to
our nation's capital
"a metropass won't get me to your heart"
c/w song lyrics buried there somewhere

to the best of my knowledge
nobody has yet successfully rappeled down the cn tower
i won't be the first

sometimes i deliver an urgent to a mail drop
one hour's the eta on those
how often you suppose people come in for their mail there
once every 2, 3 days?

not my responsibility
store bought preroasted chicken for dinner
life goes on

C 2007 Martin Heavisides

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