May 19, 2007

T.O Movie Adaptations

"Forget it Jake, it's . . . Cabbagetown."

Little Big City
"Am I still in Toronto?"
"Yes, Grandfather."
"Aiieee! I was afraid of that."

The Stunt Man
"I had a virgin once. Had to go all the way to Toronto to find her."

The Ruling Class
"But how do you know you're. . . in Toronto?"
"Simple. When I say something to somebody, I find I'm talking to myself."

All That Jazz
"I hate Toronto."
"No you don't, you love Toronto."
"That's right I love Toronto. (Pause.) I'll go either way!"

"And in the elegant melancholy of twilight he'll tell you he loves Toronto and you'll tell him you've always loved Toronto."

Treasure of the Sierra Madre
"We don't need no stinking badges! We're with the Toronto Police Union."

Life of Brian
"But how shall we piss off, master?"
"I don't know . . . go to Toronto?"

"Why did you come to Toronto, Rick?"
"I'm an amateur student of architecture. I was told there were exciting new additions to OCAD, the AGO and the ROM."
"But there are no exciting additions to OCAD, the AGO and the ROM."

Sullivan's Travels
"They don't know anything in Toronto."
"They know what they like."
"If they knew what they like, they wouldn't live in Toronto."

Pulp Fiction
"You know what they call a quarter pounder in France? A Royale."
"Why's that?"
"Metric system."
"Why don't we call it a Royal or some shit like that in Toronto? We got the metric system."
"Sure we do, and we got the most big-ass military power in the world on our border for three thousand miles and change. Of course we call it the Quarter Pounder. Where do all the movies come from that we watch?"

C 2007 Martin Heavisides


Raymond Grant said...

Hi Martin!

Enjoy your 'eclectic' choice of topics and your perspective even more...

Ray Grant

Martin Heavisides said...

Thanks for stopping by Ray.