June 13, 2007

A Different Kidney

From an article by Matt Hartley (Globe and Mail, June 13 '07) concerning people seeking kidney donors online:

"Hugo Rousseau, 63, was diagnosed with progressive renal kidney failure almost two years ago and has been waiting for a transplant ever since.
. . .
He is now trying to get approval for two potential Canadian donors he met through the website.
'Why not use a stranger?' he says. 'If I get a kidney from my brother-in-law, and he breaks his leg or loses his job four years from now, the first thing he's going to do is come looking to me for help.' "

I can certainly see where it would be a nuisance having somebody come pester you for help only because he'd donated a kidney to you and kept you alive, but I have to wonder how M. Rousseau imagines he'll be able to negotiate the acceptance of a kidney from someone, go through a lengthy and intimate operating procedure, and have the donor still remain a stranger. Or does he just figure it would be easier to tell somebody in his hour of need, 'Buzz off--so you saved my life, who cares?' if that person weren't family?

C 2007 Martin Heavisides


Chancelucky said...

IN the US, it's pretty common practice for non-family member transplant donors to stay anonymous to the recipient.

Martin Heavisides said...

Do they mask them on the operating table, or is it actually possible to remove a kidney, preserve it and then pass it on in a later operation?