September 25, 2019

Apocalypse, Ah-Ha! Ah-ha, I like it (Ah-ha, ah-ha!)

My neice Ula posted this on Facebook, a reminder that young activists like Greta Thunberg have been around quite a while as the ecological crisis deepens. If there's anything encouraging about the current protests, it's that they're more widespread and harder to ignore, a fact underlined by the dismissive and patronizing 'reviews' of Greta Thunberg's activism (which is since Climate Strike Day the activism of a multitude). I had a look at one which suggested Greta Thunberg was the victim of child abuse in that she'd been inflected with apocalyptic terrors whose origin was politcal and ideological rather than scientific--which is more nearly the reverse of the truth. Most of the reasons for ignoring climate change have to do with political and media fawning over the wealthy, who stand to gain in the short term and have, as Mailer once noted, a 'psychopathic disregard for the future'. The most apocalyptic projections are written in dry, matter-of-fact language by concerned scientists. But what do you finally make of somebody who writes that concern for the rainforests goes back to the seventies and yet the rainforests--where uncontrollable fires range, hectares disappear to clearcutting every day, and erosion and desertification marches on apace--are 'doing ok'. Before very long somebody's bound to point out--on the bright side--that hurricanes, typhoons and tsunamis are a growth industry.

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