December 27, 2007

Here in the Islands

Cutline on a poster for a health information seminar:
"1 in 8 Men are Expected to Develop Prostrate Cancer."

How exactly is this expectation conveyed I wonder? Any thoughts? Mass mailing perhaps? And how exactly do they pick the 1 in 8 they expect will shoulder this burden? Is it completely random or are there certain categories of exemption? Inquiring minds want to know.

Canvassers asking if you want to donate to a disease are already endemic.
"Would you care to make a donation to cancer?"
"I don't guess so, it's already had my testicles, I think that's more than enough to give in one lifetime."
"I'd just as soon keep the other breast if you don't mind. I might feel differently if I could afford reconstructive surgery."
"Care to give something to Alzheimer's?"
"I'm just about certain I already--isn't it lovely here in the islands, Jen?"

C 2007 Martin Heavisides


GC SMITH said...

I akready have Irish Alzhiemer's. I forget all but my grudges.

Nonnie Augustine said...

Slowly but surely, my charity is becoming animal-centered. But I don't want to donate my diseases to them. xxoononnie