November 13, 2007


Aeolian. Byzantine. Copacetic. Duodenum. Elysium. Feldspar.*
Gelignite. Hymeneal. Iridescent. Jongleur. Kittenwood. Laproscope.
Marmoset. Necrophilia. Omphalos. Peripetaiea. Quirile. Rhodomontade.
Sequipedalian. Tarantella. Ucalyptus.* Vituperate. Widdershins.
Yellowjacket. Zamboni.

*Bet you thought I was going to say 'Firebreak'.
*All right, have it your way--Ukase.


GC SMITH said...

Okay, okay enough. UNCLE!

Martin Heavisides said...

I'll see your Uncle and raise you a Vivisection.