July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ula

It's my niece Ula's birthday today. She's the closest Marysia and I will ever have to a daughter, and once or twice I've made the Freudian slip of calling her that. We commemorated the occasion by a visit to the AGO and after to a blues jam at the Rex in her name. Would have taken her along, but she seemed to think the distance between Brussels and Toronto was an insurmountable obstacle. Haven't we taught that girl teleportation yet?

Last year we visited New York when she was dancing there. Not one of her own projects--she was hired, working with four dancers from the New York City Ballet. We had a long dinner with her the last night, Wieisia, Marysia and I. Her mother Wieisia was sitting across the table from her. I was sitting across the table from Marysia, so Ula was seated to my left. She gave a sigh of weariness at one point and plopped her head on my shoulder to rest. I remembered a similar gesture when she was nine.

{Happy Birthday from Bernini AGO. We just saw a fine show of his sculptures. After Bernini we went to the Rex, to celebrate your Birthday with B.B. King Blues/Jazz. Love Marysia.}


ula said...

that's sweet of you to write me a little birthday blog! SOunds like you had a nice evening, we also here in Brussels. we had a dinner outside on a terrase in the theater where I am working in antwerp. wish you were both with us!!! kisses, ula

tad&maki said...

Happy birthday, ula! Nono's birthday is july 7.
We made a big cake like house. We are fine. Nono plays baseball. She wants to be the professional base ball player. I will send a picture soon. I made home page.http//www.web.mac.com/onitada/
Thank you for invite us your brog. tad

Martin Heavisides said...

Happy birthday Nono too! I'll look at your blog as soon as I get a chance. Great to hear from you. We'll keep our fingers crossed for a major league career for Nono. What's Yaya's big ambition?